TotallyMoney | Is Consulting the route to finding the right General Counsel position?

I had the pleasure of being joined by Sharon Evans, General Counsel at TotallyMoney. The TotallyMoney service provides personalised credit insights to 3.5M UK customers. It is designed to understand people’s financial needs and show them the steps they can take to move forward and achieve their personal goals.

Sharon shared her journey of years of consulting to find a great General Counsel experience that saw her take the leap into a permanent position. She spoke about future roadmap career and its importance as well as challenges that legal team may face around flexible and remote working. She shared her thoughts on what changes the legal profession may see in the future.

The series of videos were really helpful and a success overall, offering plenty of content for Lawyers to consider. If you are considering an in-house career or would like to speak about recruiting for Lawyers into your legal team then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Donna Rosenberg at

Donna is an In-House Recruitment Specialist and helps clients to recruit Great Lawyers and Company Secretaries. She has been recruiting to the legal industry for 14 years.

The Rise of the Modern GC –TotallyMoney