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Top 3 tips for a successful job interview

The job market does not stand still.

Whether at the start of your career doing your first interview or an experienced professional looking to take that next step, the job interview is an indispensable part of this process.

Our team has come up with several pieces of advice to make a job interview less stressful and allow you to perform to your best.

Basic preparation for the interview should be to do research on the firm you are interviewing for.

Know your CV and be able to expand on it, and make sure it looks professional.

Three Key Tips

  1. Listen to the question and look to answer it concisely
  • If you do not have the exact experience when asked a technical question, admit this but give them an answer that showcases your thought process and how you would tackle the problem.
  1. Look to apply a structure to your answers that allows you to be concise while demonstrating your technical ability.
  • I always like to suggest STAR and I would keep the Situation, Task and Result to the point. Try to use the Action section of your answers to showcase more detail and technical knowledge as part of your answers.
  1. Prepare questions in advance and have them written down
  • There are two reasons behind this. Firstly, it will allow you to remember the questions, and even if your questions have been answered throughout the interview you can clearly go through your list of questions at a high level to showcase you have thought about it and advanced and that questions have been answered.

On a side note, hiring managers and businesses value candidates with a problem-solving and proactive approach. So, prior to an interview, do think of examples of some examples of where you have shown these skills, along with examples that showcase working independently and in a team. But remember “I” rather than “we”.

In the comment section below, you can share the job interview tips which have worked for you! We appreciate you sharing your experiences with us!

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