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It is inevitable that the use of video technology will become part of the recruitment process.

Jameson Legal and Jameson Contract Solutions (‘JCS’) has incorporated into its recruitment services, cutting edge video technology that helps resourcing teams and hiring managers to determine who to bring in for an interview. We can do this by working closely with our clients to identify 3- 5 questions to be asked in an initial screening meeting. The consultant invites the candidate into a virtual meeting room and records parts of that meeting, revealing the answers to those questions. This gives those watching the video an opportunity to hear those answers as well as get a better overall sense of that individual.

We then package up all the recordings and CVs into one centralised location, provide a link and this can be viewed via any device at any time by anyone within the hiring company.

This has proven to help clients reduce time spent on screening and/or first stage interviews and in some instances significantly reduced the overall recruitment process by up to 70%.

We offer our video technology free of charge as part of our service to those clients who engage Jameson Legal or JCS on an exclusive/retained basis and the benefits in doing so are:

  • Work with our consultants to pull together relevant information to be included in a video to promote the benefits of a position, working for your company, your brand culture and the team.
  • Work with our consultants to incorporate 3-5 key competency and behavioural questions to use in a video meeting which becomes your initial screening process.
  • Gain insight from the video recordings into a candidate/s as well as a glimpse of whether an individual/s may be your right cultural fit.
  • Reduce time spent by hiring manager/s attending interviews only to find out in the first 5 minutes that the candidate is not right.
  • See for yourself why an ‘out of the box’ candidate may not be the exact fit on paper but on seeing the video represents as an excellent prospect.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on the overall recruitment process by using our video technology to confidently take less candidates to interview.
  • No need for hiring managers or other interviewers to spend time on questions already asked but rather ask other pertinent questions to delve deeper.
  • Have a centralised and easily accessible place to store information such as video meetings, CVs, interview confirmations, calendar invites, chats and feedback via a link generated specifically for you.

To find out more information about how our video offering may best benefit your company and recruit, please contact

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