Robert Abbott | Are you a traditional General Counsel or Legal Consultant?

I had the pleasure of being joined by Robert Abbott. Robert has a distinguished and varied career working in Switzerland for CERN before making a move away from a public organisation to a private company. He spent 12 years working in a large multi-national MedTech company, then moving to Stryker where he was responsible for a team of legal and compliance professionals covering the EMEA region.

John spoke about the qualities he looked for when recruiting for in-house legal teams and how he married this up with qualities he felt a manager needed to have to nurture talent in others. He also spoke about what he felt was key to really understanding an in-house environment.

The series of videos were really helpful and a success overall, offering plenty of content for Lawyers to consider. If you are considering an in-house career or would like to speak about recruiting for Lawyers into your legal team then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Donna Rosenberg at

Donna is an In-House Recruitment Specialist and helps clients to recruit Great Lawyers and Company Secretaries. She has been recruiting to the legal industry for 14 years.

The Rise of the Modern GC – Robert Abbott