nlmtd | Is a modern General Counsel consultant role more appealing?

I had the pleasure of being joined by Pepijn Paanen, Legal Consultant for nlmtd, based in Amsterdam. Pepijn throughout his career worked for a variety of companies with a focus on strategy, advice and innovation.

Pepijn spoke about how he has nurtured talent in others by combining a combination of management skills, what value a recruitment company can bring when recruiting for the legal team as well as a host of other topics such as understanding commercial risk and the difference between how a Lawyer may interpret risk in a law firm setting and how this may differ to an in-house environment.

The series of videos were really helpful and a success overall, offering plenty of content for Lawyers to consider. If you are considering an in-house career or would like to speak about recruiting for Lawyers into your legal team then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Donna Rosenberg at

Donna is an In-House Recruitment Specialist and helps clients to recruit Great Lawyers and Company Secretaries. She has been recruiting to the legal industry for 14 years.

The Rise of the Modern GC – nlmtd