Donna Rosenberg Strydom

Director, Head of In-House (UK & Europe)

Like most, Donna fell into recruitment unexpectedly. She transitioned her wealth of experience of working in the legal sector into the profession of legal recruitment. 14 years later, she remains addicted to the buzz she gets from supporting clients and candidates to achieve the best possible results. With every brief she thinks about her time as a business owner approaching each recruit both commercially, technically and emotionally. She understands how crucial it is to both a business and a candidate to make every effort to get it absolutely right.

Recruiting for Donna is never a ‘one stop shop’ solution and she thoroughly enjoys learning as much as she can about each and every one of her clients, the job itself and tailoring her search and selection process. She ensures that she effectively advocates a client’s brand to attract great Lawyers and Company Secretaries. Donna recruits to commerce and industry in the UK and Europe for permanent and fixed term contract positions.

Donna will always ask for exclusivity knowing that a true legal specialist who is deeply connected to the legal sector, has the absolute ability to attract industry best Lawyers and Company Secretaries via a well thought out recruit, methodically approaching candidates and sending a very strong message to the market. She will work contingently too and whilst proving herself she will continue to promote the long term benefits of building exclusive partnerships.

Donna’s mantra is ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ and she trusts that her expertise and commitment to recruitment will shine through.

T: +44 (0)203 950 0526
L: London Office Location

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