Dan Wales

Legal Tech Expert Consultant (London)

After leading finance systems teams, including managing numerous reporting and BI initiatives at large international law firms, Dan founded DW Reporting in 2013 to meet law firm’s complex BI, reporting, pricing and financial data management needs.

Dan’s approach to legal BI services was to provide law firms with access to skilled resource that understands both BI best practice along with legal domain experience, to properly manage effective business change.

Industry peers refer to Dan as an ‘data evangelist’ and ‘solution innovator’ in the delivery of data driven solutions, which aided DW Reporting’s rapid growth, and assisted in the establishment of the firm being seen as the ‘de-facto’ provider of software agnostic data solutions within the global legal sector, with market-leading products such as Evaluate and Quantum, resulting in the firm he founded and successfully scaled being acquired by BigHand in 2018.

Upon joining BigHand as a Director and Board Member, ensuring legacy firm-wide acquisition business integration, Dan has been influential in the creation of a new strategic sales and account management function that focuses on the largest global law firms, achieving record results. Whilst continuing to address and advise on operational efficiencies and profitability gains within the Business of Law.

Dan is now the CEO at Oliella Partners. They say success breeds success, and Dan now shares his experience providing entrepreneurial organisations with access to operational, product strategy and sales & marketing executive support, increasing shareholder value.

T: +44 (0)7984 707687
E: Dan.wales@jamesonlegal.com
L: London Office Location

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