Colin S. Levy

Consultant Legal Tech Expert, (North America)

Corporate Lawyer, Writer, Speaker, and Legal Tech Evangelist

Colin S. Levy is a speaker, writer, and legal tech evangelist with more than a decade of experience in corporate transactional law. He has parlayed this experience into his speaking and writing career, educating lawyers on how to leverage technology to improve the delivery of legal services. 

Throughout his career, Colin has seen technology as a key driver in improving how legal services are performed. Because his career has spanned industries, he witnessed myriad issues, from a systemic lack of interest in technology to the high cost of legal services barring entry to consumers. Now, his mission is to bridge the gap between the tech world and the legal world, advocating for the ways technology can be a useful tool for the lawyer’s toolbelt rather than a fear-inducing obstacle to effective legal work.

Colin’s practice experience spans e-discovery review, compliance, and corporate transactions work, which developed his business acumen and quantitative literacy. His first foray into legal tech started before law school, when he worked as a paralegal in the New York office of a major law firm. In this role, he created ediscovery databases: detail-oriented work that involved managing massive swaths of documents and organizing them in a way that was more accessible to the lawyers. This work prepared him for his early legal career, where he worked in-house in a range of companies, from a legal startup to a large manufacturing company, to medium to large tech companies. His experience has highlighted the various problems in-house lawyers face and the processes they put in place to address these problems and to collaborate with other functions.

Throughout his career, Colin has also been driven by communication and developing methods to effectively empower, inform, and inspire others not only regarding the law and legal services, but also tech, interdisciplinary collaboration, and process improvement.

Colin is a sought-after writer and speaker. He was a key speaker at TECHxpo2019, a conference sponsored by the Ontario Bar Association, and has been featured in Above the Law. He also writes frequently on his blog, which was named by Feedspot as one of the Top 30 Legal Blogs in 2020. He is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and Boston College Law School and lives in Weston, Massachusetts with his husband of over 10 years.


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