Concept of insurance and protection of human resources in business

Head of Consumer Protection – Saudi Arabia

This is a great Opportunity to drive and implement Rules and Regulations with the aim of protecting Customers. This is an opportunity to influence and direct the way the region expects businesses across the board to interact and deal with their Customers.

Role Vision

  • Developing an End-state operational model and future strategy for all Consumer Protection related functions
  • Using global benchmarks to establish best practices, headcount, and operating models and designing an innovation strategy in line with vision
  • Ensuring end-state operating model is fully lean, highly relying on automation and outsourcing while ensuring collaboration across the full government
  • Driving establishment and end state design of all department objectives. These can be categorized into 5 Criteria:
  1. Regulations & Policies
  2. Regulators (People)
  3. Operational Assets & Systems
  4. Protocols & Governance
  5. Stakeholder Interaction & Interface with Base Economy
  • Developing/Reviewing and implementing a transition plan to end-state for all Department functions
  • Ensuring there is a phased transition plan for each department function to reach end-state model, using the Vision principals: lean, efficient, and tech-enabled
  • Managing the budgets and finances related to the established Authority in coordination with Finance department.

Core functional Responsibilities

Leading overall efforts to protect consumers in the Region and ensure access to safe and high-quality products and services with fair prices. Defining regulations to prevent and deter deceptive commercial practices in accordance with the Founding Laws. Overseeing the implementation of the department’s mandate in relations to:-

  • Preventing, deterring, and sanctioning unfair or deceptive commercial practices that would harm consumers economic interests and overall welfare
  • Overseeing efforts to educate consumers and providers of consumer goods and services about regulations
  • Monitoring compliance with consumer protection laws and regulations
  • Providing informal dispute resolution between consumers and suppliers of consumer goods and services through the Office of Consumer Advocate
  • Identifying and implementing governance processes within the Consumer Protection Office
  • Working closely with heads of sub-departments and external partners to identify and source human resource needs for the Consumer Protection Department
  • Coordinating with and support the Base Economy authorities when needed, in accordance with the Founding Laws
  • Aligning the function of Consumer Protection priorities with Authority Strategic Plans


  • Advanced degree in law, business or in a related field,
  • 15 to 20 years of experience in the public sector and in a private institution focused on consumer protection or with strong consumer interface
  • 10+ years of senior leadership experience in public sector organizations (e.g., Deputy Minister, Head of ministry function, etc.)
  • Likely previous employers: Consumer focused ministries (e.g., Bureau of consumer protection, Consumer protection agency); Private institutions or international organizations focused on consumer protection (e.g., Consumers Protection Association, leading law firms)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of consumer rights and protection policies through previous experiences
  • Knowledge of:
    • Business law
    • Consumer protection laws
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