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Counsel – Corporate Compliance – International Trade Controls and Sanctions

Are you interested in joining a globally recognised company?

We are currently seeking a Compliance Counsel to play a pivotal role within a Law Organisation’s newly established Corporate Compliance Organisation.

As part of this team, you will offer invaluable insight and expertise in international Trade Compliance and Sanctions, addressing a diverse array of compliance challenges encountered by a multinational energy corporation and its subsidiaries worldwide.

Your responsibilities will include advancing the Company’s compliance goals by offering legal counsel, supervision, and strategic guidance on a variety of intricate legal and business matters pertaining to global export, customs regulations, and economic sanctions laws.

Minimum requirements:

  • Currently licensed, admitted to practice, and in good standing with a state bar association in the United States/United Kingdom/ EU.
  • Graduated from an accredited U.S./UK/EU law school.
  • Possesses 5-10 years of experience in trade controls and sanctions within a large multinational corporation.
  • Direct experience with US and EU export licensing requirements and global trade controls operations.
  • Familiarity with SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) or other trade controls compliance-related electronic systems.
  • Demonstrated ability to engage business line leaders to facilitate the timely implementation of new procedures and legal requirements.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Providing trade controls and sanctions legal advice pertinent to the jurisdiction and tailored to the operational requirements of the business.
  • Formulating business procedures and delivering legal counsel and operational guidance concerning export, customs, and economic sanctions regulatory adherence.
  • Identifying trade control risks, and devising and implementing risk management measures.
  • Creating and conducting trade controls and sanctions training sessions for personnel within business lines and corporate functions.
  • Monitoring the performance of business units to ensure the adequate implementation of legal compliance requirements.
  • Conducting and reviewing regulatory compliance due diligence for prospective business ventures and acquisitions.
  • Staying abreast of legal and regulatory mandates and developments to ensure the currency and accuracy of compliance policies and procedures.
  • Providing comprehensive compliance counseling and guidance to support extensive global operations, including numerous subsidiaries and joint ventures.

Location: Saudi Arabia.

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