Interview with Oliver Hallsworth

Abu Dhabi Top aerial view shot of skyscrapers

Interview with Oliver Hallsworth, Managing Director of ADS Securities LLC – part of our series of living and working in the Middle East. 

Oliver Hallsworth is a British qualified lawyer who has worked in the Financial Services industry for 20 years.  He has lived in the Middle East since 2012 and is the Managing Director of ADS Securities LLC, the leading foreign exchange trader in the region.  Here he answers our questions on living and working in this fascinating city. 

What attracted you to Abu Dhabi and when did you first move there?

I moved to AD with my family in 2016 attracted by the international and enterprising environment.

Can you describe a typical day for you in Abu Dhabi?

There is never a ‘typical’ day working in Abu Dhabi. The environment here is fast paced and challenging. The breadth and diversity of the work is one of the main attractions. I could in the morning be working on a Website development agreement and in the afternoon managing a complex litigation strategy.

How does working in Abu Dhabi differ from working in your home country?

I have been in the Middle East now for 8 years now and it is genuinely a multi-cultural environment which when accompanied by high quality work and a fantastic warm and sunny climate make it very attractive.                                                                                           

Why do you like living in Abu Dhabi?

It suits our lifestyle, it is fantastically family friendly providing a safe and secure environment in which to raise a family whilst at the same time has a multitude of activities, events and services available to enjoy on your doorstep.

Where is your favourite place in Abu Dhabi and why? 

Saadiyat Beach – it is by far and away the most beautiful beach I have ever been to with clear blue sea that is perfect for sunbathing or taking part in some water sport activities.

What is your favourite activity in Abu Dhabi? 

Kayaking on Saadiyat Beach

Have you found anything challenging in living in Abu Dhabi and how have you overcome that challenge?

Having already lived in the Middle East I can say that I have found AD very open and welcoming.

What advice would you give to a lawyer moving to Abu Dhabi? 

Immerse yourself in both work and pleasure – strike the right balance and you will relish the unique lifestyle change that a move to the UAE brings. Once you have arrived, you will know you have made the right decision.

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