Jameson Legal’s Middle East Practice

Middle East Skyline

The Middle East is a vibrant, developing and fascinating region with a busy and evolving legal market. The vast majority of international law firms locate their regional HQ in Dubai and this is evident in the fact the Emirate is the most populated and busiest legal market in the region. Notwithstanding this, Abu Dhabi – the capital of the United Arab Emirates – is also in growth mode and we continue to witness several firms strengthen their presence in the city – be it via expanding existing headcount or opening an entirely new office. Wider afield, Jameson Legal also cover key markets such as Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and of course, Saudi Arabia. All these markets carry their own unique attractions for lawyers seeking a move to the region – be it based on specific practice areas, geographic location, or wider cultural offerings. Having market experts, including consultants who have lived in the region for over five years, Jameson Legal is well-positioned to advise on the full spectrum of considerations for any lawyer considering the Middle East.

Lawyers moving to the Middle East will soon find they are granted exposure to an impressive diet of work and a level of responsibility seldom found in other international markets – a combination which invariably leads to exceptional career development and positions them very strongly for a move either back home, or to another jurisdiction later in their career.

Through offering a rich, insightful and experience-based perspective on the region in addition to the primary topics of firms, companies and other basics of your search, we can ensure opportunities represent the right fit for job seekers from multiple angles and in doing so, maximise the prospects of the move being a successful career step.