Jameson Legal’s Europe Practice

Europe Skyline

Jameson Legal benefits from a truly international platform and outlook which allows us to work with lawyers in core legal jurisdictions successfully and effectively such as mainland Europe. Here we have a track-record of working with leading firms in countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Within these jurisdictions, we work closely with international law firms, companies and institutions but also local top-tier firms who regularly seek motivated, internationally minded, lawyers to join their various teams.

The legal jurisdictions within the aforementioned countries are sophisticated, and in certain countries like the Netherlands, most of work is done in English. This means there is less of a requirement for an individual to speak the local language.

With the onset of, and uncertainty around, Brexit – there is an increase in the attraction of moving to, and working within, one of the main European legal hubs such as Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Geneva or Prague etc.

At Jameson Legal, we have a successful and proven track record of relationships with the major players in Europe as well as case-studies of lawyers we have placed into various roles, and as such, if you are considering a move to Europe, please get in touch as we would gladly assist in making sure you make the right career move.