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Jameson Legal has substantial experience of working with Australian and New Zealand-qualified lawyers, in particular assisting them moving to London, Asia or the Gulf states.

Lawyers from “down under” have a strong reputation in the world’s large legal markets. Their training and education is highly regarded, and common law post-qualification experience translates well to the international legal environment, where both contentious and non-contentious matters are usually based on the laws of England & Wales or the U.S.

The backpacker path to London is well-trodden by Kiwis and Aussies in their 20s, but increasingly for Kiwi and Aussie lawyers the “overseas experience” is regarded as an opportunity to gain valuable international career progression, which regularly leads to stays far beyond the traditional two years. Travellers are older too, many gaining 4-5 years’ post-qualification experience in their home jurisdiction before taking the plunge. And destinations have diversified beyond London; Asia and the Gulf states beckon to ambitious Kiwi and Aussie lawyers with high quality training and post-qualification experience

Our London-based Kiwi ex-lawyer runs a successful “Kiwi Lawyers around the world” LinkedIn group, and regularly assists kiwi (and Aussie) lawyers with international moves.

In addition to taking New Zealand and Australian-qualified lawyers out of their home markets, Jameson Legal partners with an Australian-based agency to assist Kiwi and Aussie lawyers moving home or lawyers from all over the world looking to take their careers “down under”.