Tommi Mustonen

Tommi Mustonen

Chief Legal Officer – Jolla, Finland

1. How has the Covid-19 crisis affected the way you work as a lawyer? What are the key positives and negatives that have emerged out of lockdown?

There are much more company-internal meetings with Teams. As we are a company with multiple offices in multiple countries, this has decreased travelling and made life easier. One negative aspect of that is decreased personal contacts and less informal discussions, which are easier face-to-face.

2. Will you and your company continue to use flexible and agile working in future? Will you reduce the size of your physical office space?

The management of my company prefers working at an office as opposed to remote working, so I do not expect us to cut physical office space.

3. How have you employed legal tech during the crisis?  What has been successful and what has been lacking?

The legal department of my company is really small and there is no legal-specific technology available. However, the usage of Teams as a means of communication has expanded greatly and that is a trend which I expect to continue.

4. How do you see the advancement of legal tech affecting the legal industry in the next 10 years?

I expect new solutions to emerge which are suited to really small law departments and do not require high investment upfront.

5. Has your company changed its remuneration structure during the crisis?

As an inhouse lawyer, the only changes have so far been the negative effects of extensive furloughs throughout my previous company and including also top management.

6. Name one key thing that will be different in the legal profession in 10 years’ time.

I imagine artificial intelligence -based tools will be widely used in drafting legal documents.

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