Tetsuo Kurita

Tetsuo Kurita

Lawyer: Singapore, Japan and USA – One Asia Lawyers, Japan

1. How has the Covid-19 crisis affected the way you work as a lawyer? What are the key positives and negatives that have emerged out of lockdown?

Positive: Dispute matters increased drastically.

Negative: Many M&A matters stuck for while.

2. Will you and your company continue to use flexible and agile working in future? Will you reduce the size of your physical office space?

No, physical office space is necessary and will keep current size or even increase.

3. How have you employed legal tech during the crisis?  What has been successful and what has been lacking?

We had a lot of webinar and trained employees well. 

However, it is difficult to make business development via online.

4. How do you see the advancement of legal tech affecting the legal industry in the next 10 years?

In relation to drafting and amending M&A types of contracts, it is very useful.

However, dispute and negotiation, legal tech cannot replace.

5. Has your company changed its remuneration structure during the crisis?

Same as before.

6. Name one key thing that will be different in the legal profession in 10 years’ time.

We can work cross border transaction online. Therefore border between the countries will be lower and lower. 

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