Luiz Klecz

Luiz Klecz

Diretor Jurídico Corporativo (General Counsel) – InterCement, Brazil

1. How has the Covid-19 crisis affected the way you work as a lawyer? What are the key positives and negatives that have emerged out of lockdown?

I think the first big change was the full home office, in unexpected circumstances. The positive sides were the much more focused virtual meetings and the demonstration of a fantastic capacity of delivery from the team. The negative side is the lack of the “eye-to eye” conversation, which is always important. 

2. Will you and your company continue to use flexible and agile working in future? Will you reduce the size of your physical office space?

Indeed we intend to continue to use flexible working but we do not have yet a decision in respect to the size of the office space.

3. How have you employed legal tech during the crisis?  What has been successful and what has been lacking?

Our internal legal processes are pretty much supported by tech for a reasonable time and this helped us a lot during quarantine. The digital signature process, for example, was a complete success. Again, the lack of a personal talk in some cases was difficult. 

4. How do you see the advancement of legal tech affecting the legal industry in the next 10 years?

I see that we have a tremendous path for legal tech growing in the coming years. However, I still believe that human intelligence and interaction will always be fundamental for legal activities.

5. Has your firm changed its remuneration structure during the crisis? Will the firm consider using a “commission only” or hybrid remuneration model in future?

Not at all.

6. Name one key thing that will be different in the legal profession in 10 years’ time.

Virtual contracts.

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