F-Star Therapeutics | Are there changes to the legal industry that may impact a career as General Counsel?

I had the pleasure of being joined by John Fitzpatrick. John’s most recent role was Senior Vice President and General Counsel at F-Star Therapeutics, a NASDAQ listed biotechnology company.

John spoke the route to getting a role that has true management and strategic responsibilities, what changes he may see happening in-house regarding appointing/working with external Lawyers and the impact of the pandemic on remote/flexible working.

The series of videos were really helpful and a success overall, offering plenty of content for Lawyers to consider. If you are considering an in-house career or would like to speak about recruiting for Lawyers into your legal team then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Donna Rosenberg at donna.rosenberg@jamesonlegal.com.

Donna is an In-House Recruitment Specialist and helps clients to recruit Great Lawyers and Company Secretaries. She has been recruiting to the legal industry for 14 years.

The Rise of the Modern GC – F-Star Therapeutics