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With over 10 years of experience, world-renowned legal recruitment firm Jameson Legal launches their legal-tech division

Jameson Legal Tech is the world’s second legal-tech marketing consortium (and the first outside the US) that connects in-house legal teams and private practice lawyers to leading legal technologies. Jameson Legal Tech combines over a decade of legal recruitment expertise and passion for the rapidly evolving technology industry to introduce a full-service legal-technology consultancy. Jameson Legal Tech’s team of specialists ensure that each legal team and law firm is paired with the ideal legal tech to meet their needs and improve their specific practice. The Legal Tech market has exploded over the last 2 years and there are new launches every week. Jameson Legal Tech consistently highlights their importance and value of individualised experiences to find specific tech solutions tailor made to all legal professionals.

Jameson Legal Tech’s consultancy service is trusted by lawyers of all backgrounds to perform an in-depth evaluation of their legal tech needs and connect them to the most suitable solution. Jameson Legal Tech also offers an advanced ‘Legal Tech Recruitment and Search’ solution. This service provides the placement of highly experienced legal tech professionals into law firms, in-house legal departments and within legal tech vendors. Legal professionals globally can rely on Jameson Legal Tech to meet their complete legal technology needs, from finding the ideal cutting-edge technology to recruiting skillful professionals.

Jameson Legal Tech launches with four groundbreaking legal technologies. Nexl, a CRM that boasts a no data entry solution designed specifically for Law firms. LinkSquares, a leading CLM. Everchron, which specialises in litigation management, and App4Legal, a world-class practice management solution. Jameson Legal Tech is equipped to assist law firms, in-house legal departments, and private practice legal operations departments.

Over the coming months the tech stack will be increased to 10 solutions all non-competing and all best in class giving legal teams the trust they need in finding the perfect solutions.

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Bernie Sugano
Consultant Operations Executive