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Jameson Legal is a company that aims to give candidates and clients the very best level of service combined with honesty and integrity.

We recognise that many lawyers are no longer satisfied with learning about opportunities in only their own country but are interested in hearing of roles relevant to them in regions across the global market place. Jameson Legal seeks to provide that information and this allows us to provide our international client base with a selection of the best and most suitable lawyers from every relevant jurisdiction.

Our consultants are legal recruitment professionals who have been trained to the highest standard and are incentivised to work as a cohesive team.

Jameson Legal adheres to the following values

Our consultants are expected to advise clients and candidates from an international, borderless perspective.  They provide information on global destinations, referring on to colleagues based in other jurisdictions and working with them as part of a coherent team. Our consultants are regional experts, often bilingual, with experience of living and working in other countries. 

Each consultant is a specialist in the market sector and region he or she recruits for.  Each consultant can give honest, relevant and up to date advice on their area and guide clients and candidates accordingly. 

We provide advice on trends and changes within the market and areas of niche interest; not just CVs or information on which clients are hiring.  We provide additional value to clients and candidates with up to date salary guides and packs focussing on international transfers.  For more information on our guides 

Professionalism is a term often used but rarely followed.  The Jameson Legal team prides itself on maintaining integrity and ensuring the confidence of our clients and candidates. 

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